Information On Permanent Partial Disability Benefits In Georgia

No matter how dangerous your line of work, you never expected to suffer a work injury so severe it would change your life. Now, you face a permanent disability and a permanent inability to do your previous line of work.

If you find yourself in this situation, you may qualify for permanent partial disability benefits (PPD benefits). Learn more in a free consultation with our workers' compensation law firm, Lowendick Law Office. Call 770-338-8300 or send us an email .

Do I Qualify For Permanent Partial Disability Benefits?

You qualify for permanent partial disability benefits if an authorized physician gives you a PPD impairment rating. A PPD rating is given to people who have permanent work injuries that affect a part or multiple parts of their body.

Typically, someone will receive temporary total disability benefits or temporary partial disability benefits before receiving permanent partial disability benefits, which kick in once the temporary benefits are exhausted.

How Much Money Can I Receive With A PPD Rating?

There are specific factors under Georgia law that determine how much compensation you will receive for your permanent partial disability. For example, you can receive 225 weeks of disability for the permanent loss of the use of an arm or leg and 25 weeks for the loss of the use of your little finger. The amount you will receive is generally based on a combination of your temporary total disability benefit rate and your specific PPD rating.

Do I Need An Attorney For My PPD Benefits Case?

Far too frequently, injured individuals do not receive the full amount of compensation that they are entitled to under Georgia's workers' compensation law. We can help you negotiate for the fullest workers' compensation settlement possible, including compensation for your past and future medical expenses, income loss and PPD benefits.

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