Lawyers Handling Permanent Disability Claims In Georgia

For many victims of workplace injuries, the consequences are lifelong. The worker may not be totally disabled for life, but he or she may be left with some degree of permanent disability. For example, a worker might suffer a rotator cuff tear while lifting something in the workplace. After surgeries and physical therapy, the worker may still have pain and mobility issues that never completely go away. Workers' compensation is designed to provide for these situations.

If you have suffered a permanent disability in a workplace accident, the attorneys at the Lowendick Law Office will put decades of experience to work for you. We will see that you get everything that Georgia workers' compensation law entitles you to.

A Matter Of Percentages

The method used for determining the amount of workers' compensation for a permanent disability is complex. First, there is a chart that assigns every part of the body a number of weeks' worth of wages. When the doctor determines what part of the body has been disabled, he or she must also determine the percentage of disability. If the doctor determines that you are 10 percent disabled in your knee, you will get 10 percent of the total number of weeks' worth of wages assigned to the knee. Depending on your situation, that amount could be paid out over time or included as part of an overall settlement.

Experience has taught us how important it is for the permanent disability to be rated properly. We take great care in reviewing all information to make certain that the diagnosis is accurate so that you get the proper amount of workers' compensation.

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