How Do I Get Medical Treatment?

The most important thing after a work injury is also one of the most complex: getting medical treatment so you can get better.

Does the insurance company get to pick the doctor? What is the physicians panel? What is an IME? What about second opinions? If you want all of your questions answered, it is important to choose an experienced workers' compensation lawyer. At the Lowendick Law Office, we have more than three decades of experience that we can use to your benefit. We care about you, so we want you to get good medical care.

When The Employer Gets To Choose The Doctor

Has your workers' compensation claim been accepted? If it has, your employer has the opportunity to select a group of up to six doctors available to treat your work injury. This is referred to as the physicians panel. There is a procedure that your employer must follow in selecting the physicians panel. If it does not follow that procedure, you may be able to get medical attention from the doctor of your choice.

If your workers' compensation claim has been denied, obviously you still need medical care. You will be able to choose your own doctor, and we will provide guidance in terms of working with your doctor not only to get good treatment, but to ensure that everything is properly documented for your workplace accident claim.

Independent Medical Examinations

One of the biggest sources of stress for workplace injury victims is an independent medical examination (IME). You may have already been diagnosed and treated by a doctor you trust, and then your employer sends you to another doctor for a second opinion. This doctor's results may not match your doctor's. We know how to address these conflicts. We encourage you to discuss the matter with our attorneys as early in the process as possible.

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