Gwinnett County Repetitive Use Injuries Lawyer

Repetitive use injuries are very common in the workplace.  Not surprisingly, repetitive use injuries or repetitive stress injuries have become even more common due the increased use of computer keyboards.

The repetitive use injuries attorneys at the Lowendick Law Office are dedicated to helping workers with repetitive use injuries receive the full amount of workers’ compensation benefits they deserve.

Lawrenceville Georgia Repetitive Use Injuries Lawyer

Repetitive use injuries occur when some part of our body is stressed due to repeating the same motion over and over again throughout the day. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common type of repetitive use injury for workers who use keyboards, but repetitive motions by assembly line workers can cause repetitive use injuries as can the repetitive use of hand tools or lifting and carrying heavy loads.

No matter what type of repetitive use injury you have, the repetitive use injuries lawyers at the Lowendick Law Office can help you through the complicated and often frustrating workers’ compensation claims process.

Buford GA Lawyers Who Handle Repetitive Use Injuries Cases

Employers and insurance companies often refuse to acknowledge a worker’s repetitive stress injuries or to downplay the extent or severity of the injury.  However, without medical treatment the injury is likely to get worse and could become debilitating.

Our lawyers who handle repetitive use injuries cases will be a powerful yet compassionate advocate on your behalf.  We can help you get the full amount of compensation you deserve  to treat your work related repetitive use injuries and to compensate for your lost wages.

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