Georgia Attorneys Handling Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers often assume that their employers are on their side. They assume that if they are injured on the job, they will be able to file for workers' compensation and get the benefits they need. Unfortunately, many learn that it is not quite so easy. Many workers' compensation claims are denied by employers and workers' compensation insurance companies. Thankfully, the attorneys at the Lowendick Law Office are here to make things right.

How To Overcome Denied Workers' Compensation Claims

The first step is to complete a thorough review of the claim. Was something missed that caused the claim to be denied? Perhaps the medical documentation was not complete. We understand exactly what insurance companies are looking for, because our lead attorney, H. Durance Lowendick, used to work for them. We understand how our opponents assess cases, and we understand what we need to put in front of them to force them to provide the benefits you need to move forward after a work injury.

After we review the claim and have determined that it should not have been denied, one of the paths we frequently take is filing a WC-14 form. This requests an administrative law hearing. The hearing will typically be set for within 30 days. At this hearing, we can present the evidence necessary and argue on your behalf. The administrative law judge will then issue a determination of your rights. We have achieved much success with this process.

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