Head Injuries From Falling Objects

With the use of heavy machinery and equipment on construction sites, heavy products, materials and other objects are often suspended in the air, giving risk to workers who may be struck in the head by these objects. Sometimes swinging equipment can come into contact with workers. Head injuries from falling objects are often very serious and even fatal. If serious enough, permanent brain injuries stemming from the accident require years and sometimes a lifetime of special medical attention, rehabilitation and care. Having a skilled attorney at your side can help you in your pursuit for workers' compensation or even personal injury damages against a negligent third party.

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Skilled Construction Accident Attorneys in Lawrenceville, Georgia

While there are inherent risks when it comes to working at construction sites, this does not mean that when a worker is injured that he or she should have known it would happen. This is far from the case. Injured workers deserve at the very least the workers' compensation benefits that they are entitled to. In some cases, negligent third parties such as manufacturers of equipment who provided faulty or defective parts or an installation or repair service that provided inadequate service, can be brought into a personal injury action. We will thoroughly examine your head injury case in order to pursue all routes of compensation.

Unfortunately, head injuries from falling objects or swinging equipment/machinery on construction sites can cause severe head trauma and brain injuries, even if the worker was wearing a hard helmet. These types of injuries can impact a person's mobility, speech, memory and even personality. The road to recovery is very often long and costly. We will do everything we can to help you and your family during this difficult time through legal recourse.

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