Gwinnett County Products Liability Lawyer

You don’t expect to be injured by using common household products, but many products that we come into contact with every day have defects in the ingredients, materials or design that make them unreasonably dangerous.  Without warning, you or a family member can suffer serious injuries, illness or even death from defective products ranging from automobiles to household appliances to food products.

At the Lowendick Law Office, our Gwinnett County products liability attorneys can help you recover compensation for injuries or illness due to defective products.  You may be entitled to monetary compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and more.

Lawrenceville Georgia Products Liability Lawyer

The Lawrenceville Georgia products liability lawyers at the Lowendick Law Office work with top experts in the country to help establish causation and to the hold the responsible parties accountable for their unlawful actions.  The manufacturer is often liable, but if the manufacturer is located overseas, has gone bankrupt or is otherwise outside the reach of the Georgia courts, we look to the retailer, wholesaler, and any other parties in the distribution chain.

Duluth GA Lawyers Who Handle Products Liability Cases

When you need an experienced lawyer who handles products liability cases, look no further than the Lowendick Law Office.  With over 34 years of legal service to Duluth Georgia and the Gwinnett County community, our attorneys are committed to providing you with personal attention and the very best legal representation possible.

In a products liability case, the manufacturer or other responsible party often tries to get the victims to agree to a quick settlement.  Be sure to seek legal advice from the experienced products liability attorneys at the Lowendick Law Office before making any statements to the retailer or manufacturer, before agreeing to any settlement, and before signing any documents.  You should know your rights and options before you agree to a settlement of your products liability case.