Support Modification Based On Change Of Income In Georgia

One of the most common post-judgment modifications in Georgia family courts is a support modification based on change of income. This is because income is a major factor in determining both child support and spousal support (alimony). Whether or not the court will grant your petition depends on each individual circumstance. However, there are some guidelines when it comes to child support.

If you are seeking or opposing a change in child support or alimony in Georgia, it is important that your attorney has the experience to effectively handle your modification case. With over three decades of family law experience, our attorneys at Lowendick Law Office are very knowledgeable and skilled with all types of support modification cases. To schedule your free initial consultation to talk about your support modification case with one of our lawyers, reach out to us online today.

Substantial Change In Financial Circumstance?

Many clients with support modification questions often wonder if it will go up if there is a change in income. On the flip side, a common issue is whether the child support payment amount will decrease due to a job loss or decrease in income. In general, for the court to allow a modification in child support payments, there must be a significant change in financial circumstances. This may include losing a job, a layoff or getting a huge promotion. Remarriage can also significantly change the financial circumstances in child support calculations. These type of life changes can also potentially impact the amount of spousal support or alimony payments.

While Georgia family law does look at each situation individually in granting petitions for support modification based on change in income, there are some guidelines that are given. They include cases in which there has been a 25 percent change in income. If that happens, the party seeking the modification can immediately petition the court for the modification.

Why Must I Get An Attorney To Do This?

Keep in mind that you should not make modification decisions on your own or outside of the court, even if your former spouse agrees to the change. It must be approved by the court. Our lawyers can provide thorough counsel by petitioning the court and representing you in front of the court. Also, you can only modify an existing order every two years (there are some exceptions). Let our dedicated family law attorneys help you today.

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