Gwinnett County Father's Rights Lawyer

Many unmarried fathers want to be more involved in the life of their child, but unless the father has been married to the mother, the mother has full control over custody and visitation even if the father is paying child support. In Georgia, fathers have the same rights as mothers, but if you have never been married to the mother you will need to legitimate your child before you can assert your father’s rights.

The father’s rights attorneys at the Lowendick Law Office have been helping fathers establish their legal rights for many years. Legitimation is a complicated legal process, but our attorneys can guide you through the system and help you foster an active, healthy relationship with your child.

Lawrenceville Georgia Father’s Rights Lawyer

The father’s rights lawyers at the Lowendick Law Office understand the advantages of legitimation.  An order of legitimation establishes the father as the legal father of the child and gives the father custody and visitation rights equal to those of the mother. In addition, legitimation gives the child the legal right to inherit from the father.

If you are the father of a child born out of wedlock, legitimation is the only way to establish your rights as a father to visitation, custody, and parenting decisions.  You may be able to obtain full or partial custody and if you are awarded custody, you even have the right to ask for child support.

Suwanee GA Lawyers Who Handle Father’s Rights Cases

The sooner you begin the legitimation process the better your chances will be for favorable custody and visitation.  At the Lowendick Law Office, our experienced, knowledgeable attorneys handle father’s rights cases.  We understand the frustration experienced by many unmarried fathers.  Call the Lowendick Law Office to speak with a compassionate father’s rights attorney and get started on the legitimation process today.