Gwinnett County First Offender Lawyer

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Georgia, it is imperative to be represented by an experienced criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the Georgia first offender laws.  In addition to jail or prison time, fines, and loss of civil liberties, a criminal conviction can have devastating social consequences especially when it comes to your career or ability to find a job.

However, under Georgia law, in many cases the defendant can ask the court for the benefit of the Georgia first offender provisions.  The first offender law is designed to give first time offenders a second chance by providing relief from the consequences of a criminal conviction.

Lawrenceville Georgia First Offender Lawyer

The criminal defense lawyers at the Lowendick Law Office fight hard on behalf of our clients to obtain the best possible result in every case.  In many cases, the result is a dismissal of all charges or a not guilty verdict at trial, but we know from experience that in some cases the best result is a plea bargain that results in a reduction in the charges against the defendant or a reduced sentence.

In these circumstances, the defendant may qualify for first offender treatment if he or she has no previous convictions and has not been charged with certain serious violent felonies.  If the court agrees to sentence the defendant under first offender, the defendant enters a guilty plea to the charges and the court imposes sentence.  However, the adjudication of guilt is withheld and if the defendant successfully completes the terms of his or her sentence, the case is discharged.  The conviction is never entered and the defendant does not suffer the consequences of a criminal conviction.

Suwanee GA Lawyers Who Handle First Offender Cases

Before entering a guilty plea under first offender, it is important to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who handles first offender cases.  First offender is not for everyone and there can be serious consequences for failing to successfully complete a sentence entered under first offender.  For example, the court can impose a sentence up to the maximum allowed by law and the defendant has no right to withdraw their guilty plea.  Before you enter a guilty plea under first offender, talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer at the Lowendick Law Office.