Gwinnett County Assault & Battery Lawyer

If you have been charged with any type of assault and battery charges in Georgia, it is very important to obtain expert legal representation before making any statements to law enforcement or accepting any plea offers from the government.

You need an experienced criminal defense attorney like the Gwinnett County assault & battery attorneys at the Lowendick Law Office to protect your important legal rights and to make sure the government treats you fairly.

Lawrenceville Georgia Assault & Battery Lawyer

Many Georgia assault and battery cases start out as an argument or misunderstanding between the parties.  When the police arrive, they often arrest everyone involved without a thorough investigation to determine who the perpetrator was and who was the victim.  Even if you believe that you were the victim in the case or acting in self defense and have been wrongfully charged, don’t make the mistake of trying to “talk your way out of it” or taking a plea offer just to get out of jail quickly.

Don’t make any statements to law enforcement or accept a plea bargain without consulting with a criminal defense attorney dedicated to protecting your rights.  You risk making your case worse and ending up with a criminal conviction that can adversely affect your career and your Constitutional rights.

Suwanee GA Lawyers Who Handle Assault & Battery Cases

The Georgia criminal defense lawyers at the Lowendick Law Office have years of criminal defense experience including assault and battery cases.  Whether you have been charged with battery, assault, or aggravated assault, we have what it takes to defend you against these serious charges. We can protect your rights, mount a vigorous defense, and fight for the best possible outcome in your case.  Call our Gwinnett County Law Office today to schedule a no-obligation initial consultation.