Gwinnett County Lawyers Defending Against Accusations Of Marijuana Possession

If you have been accused of marijuana possession, it is important that you understand what will happen to you if you are convicted. This is no minor crime. In addition to fines and the potential for incarceration, there are repercussions that many people overlook. You could lose your job and having a criminal record will make it much more difficult to find a new one in the career of your choice. If you are a college student, you could lose your financial aid. Essentially, a possession of marijuana conviction could jeopardize your entire future.

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At the Lowendick Law Office, we know how to obtain favorable results in these cases. Often, it is simply a matter of working with the prosecutor to get you into a deferral program or some other alternative that will leave you with a clean record and a bright future.

While negotiation skills are critical, it is also important to have courtroom skills to fall back on when appropriate. We are trial attorneys. When we handle marijuana possession cases, we conduct investigations as necessary. If we determine that your constitutional rights were violated at some point during your arrest, we may be able to use that fact to get the entire case dismissed. Ultimately, our job is to work hard to get you the best possible outcome. We will work hard because we care about you and your future.

In addition to defending against marijuana possession charges, we can also defend against charges of possession of pipes and other marijuana paraphernalia.

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