Legal separations in Georgia an option for some couples

Couples experiencing trouble with their marriage may be unsure of their next moves. They may not yet feel that divorce is an option for their family, but they know that they have to do something as they consider what is next.

In Georgia, some of these couples may decide to pursue a separation. This does not mean that one of the spouses simply leaves the marital home. These "unofficial" separations can often cause many more problems and arguments to arise, making it impossible for the couple to work out their disagreements.

A legal separation is similar to a divorce in that the couple will be living apart in separate households, with agreements needing to be made concerning child custody and division of marital property. The couple is not considered to be divorced, and they are unable to marry other people unless they actually go through with a divorce. Parties may be obligated to pay child or spousal support under a legal separation in certain cases.

Many of these couples have discussed separation as an option prior to beginning the process, so they have some idea on how the wish to approach these issues. However, once the process starts, they may experience problems finding an agreement. If the courts are asked to make a decision on these matters, they could issue a ruling that hurts both spouses in the long-term.

It is extremely important that couples who decide upon a separation have their agreements filed with the court in case issues develop in the future. If one of the spouses refuses to honor the arrangements, there are more options available to the party if the agreement has been filed with the court. Failing to do this could leave a party with no ability to obtain time with the children or receive support payments.

This is often a very difficult and emotional time for those going through the process. Many have never experienced anything like this before, and are unsure what will happen as they move forward.

Each family will have unique needs that they will have to address as part of their separation. Making mistakes at this time can lead to very costly problems in the future. Before you agree to any property or custody division arrangements, be sure that you understand the impact of your decisions.

Speak to an experienced family law attorney to learn how best to move forward with your separation. An attorney can answer all of your questions, and help you protect yourself as you negotiate agreements with your spouse.