4 common mistakes to avoid during a Georgia divorce

People divorcing in Georgia should try to avoid excessive fighting, common financial errors, over-sharing of sensitive information and self-representation.

Divorce is often an incredibly stressful and emotional process. Not surprisingly, it can be difficult for many people to make objective and well-reasoned decisions during this time. Unfortunately, mistakes and shortsighted choices during divorce often have lasting harmful impacts. It's critical for people who are ending their marriages in Atlanta to understand and avoid some of the most common divorce-related errors.

1. Overlooking financial concerns

Divorce poses a financial burden for many people, and this burden may be worsened if a spouse fails to secure an economically reasonable settlement. The Wall Street Journal notes that all of the following errors can harm divorcing spouses financially:

  • Overlooking or incorrectly valuating assets that should be included in the equitable division of marital property
  • Forgetting to consider the tax implications of different settlement options
  • Seeking assets such as the family home that carry significant hidden costs or other drawbacks

Spouses also must be careful to thoroughly assess their expenses and financial needs early on. As the divorce case progresses, this can help spouses more accurately present their need for different forms of financial support, such as alimony or a larger distribution of property.

2. Sharing too much

During a divorce, many spouses may unwittingly share sensitive information that can hurt their cases. Today, electronic communication provides a common source of this information. As Forbes notes, social media activity can affect a divorce by providing insights into a spouse's finances, fidelity or lifestyle habits, which may contradict the information that a spouse has provided in court. Similarly, other forms of electronic communication, such as texts and emails, can serve as evidence in a divorce case.

3. Fighting excessively

It's crucial for spouses to protect their legal rights and seek a reasonable settlement, but disputing the terms of a divorce settlement too much can be harmful. The Wall Street Journal observes that during any divorce, prolonged conflict can adversely affect both parties by reducing the assets that are left for both spouses to divide. People who view divorce litigation as an opportunity to seek revenge may be especially at risk for needless financial losses.

4. Handling it alone

Many people may attempt to navigate their divorces independently. Some spouses may believe this will yield needed cost savings, while others may think that their cases aren't complex enough to merit legal assistance. Unfortunately, completing a divorce without professional representation can increase the likelihood that spouses will misunderstand their rights, accept unreasonable settlements and experience unnecessary difficulties in the future.

To head off these common errors, spouses should strongly consider consulting with an attorney early in their divorce proceedings. An attorney may be able to advise a spouse of potential complications and help devise a strategy for seeking the most advantageous resolution possible.